No projectiles means Laser Tag is a safer alternative to paintball, air-soft and gel-ball.
There are no extra costs for paint balls or refills making Laser Tag a lower cost to play.
Players are still required to watch out for each other when on the Battlefield to avoid collisions.

Due to the lightweight, slim design, our equipment is able to be played safely by children as young as 6

Laser Tag can be played on any flat surface either indoors or outdoors.
There is a misconception that it can only be played at night.
Our equipment is able to play in any light conditions from full sunlight to limited lighting.

A 50% deposit is payable at the time you submit a booking request. This is handled via our online booking platform –

The final 50% is to be paid prior to the event to ensure a smooth process on the day. Bank transfer is the recommended payment method and details can be found on your invoice.

Can’t find the details? Just let us know and we will send them through.

We now have facilities to accept card payments on the day. While we still recommend having your event paid prior, if this is not possible, please ensure you have enough funds in your account to pay the balance upon arrival for your event. Any fees or transaction charges imposed by financial institutions will be passed on in full (e.g. 1.6% pay-wave processing fee).

All our packages include travel 30km (60km round trip) from our HQ, which is Evanston Park
A travel fee is payable for distances outside this range starting at $40 and becomes larger the further away from HQ the event is held.
Distance from HQ to event location is determined via Google Maps.

You can request to reschedule your booking but keep in mind the following:

  • If requested event is scheduled to run in more than 7 days – we are happy to reschedule your event with no penalty.
  • If your event is scheduled to run in less than 7 days – we will work with you to reschedule but you may incur a fee up to 50% of the total package cost.

If you request to cancel your event and the date is less than 7 days away, you will forfeit the deposit paid at the time of the booking.
If you request to cancel and the date is greater than 7 days, we will cancel your booking and refund your deposit.